Tablets & Capsules

We can assist you with manufacturing

an existing formula or develop a new tablet or capsule finished product drawing from an extensive array of nutritional and natural ingredients.


We manufacture high quality tablets

and vegetable capsules (certified organic

options available) in a quality assured environment.



Our Liquid manufacturing production line features: personalised recipe management, volumetric filling with a wide viscosity range, rotary labeller, optional shrink-wrapping services and packaging.

We can even source the perfect bottle for your product through our connections with local, interstate and international packaging companies.


Powder Blending

As a professional food contract manufacturer we are highly experienced in formulating, blending and packing of dry food and nutraceutical powders for our customers.


We are able to manufacture your products based on existing formulas or work with you to create a new product adhering to regulations and industry standards.


Filling & Packaging

Our powder filling facility includes auger fillers that are able to handle fine or coarse powders in volumes from 10gm up to 3kg.

Production is completed by fully trained personnel and every unit is filled and packed to your specification. Regular weight check on calibrated scales are completed to ensure volumes meet your required specification.

We are able to provide heat-sealing of pouches and capping services of lids if required.

packaging services

Label Application

At NHP our automatic labelling machines are highly flexible and can be quickly adapted to suit a number of different sized and bottles, containers and jars to be labelled.

We can also hand label products for you including top stickers and tamper proof labels, stickers and tape.

Shrink-wrapping of finished products is another service we can provide.

packaging services


Our logistics team are also able to organise the shipments for individuals or corporations to get the finished goods from the manufacturer to the distributor, customer or final point of distribution.

At NHP Contract Manufacturing we can take care of the entire manufacturing, packaging, labelling  and shipping services for your business!